D3DFACS Browser

Han Gong
Department of Computer Science, University of Bath, UK


D3DFACS Browser is a free software for academic research that enables users (artists) to browse the huge D3DFACS data set and export parts they wish to work on further. The key features are listed as the follows:
  • Playing the captured frames forward and backward
  • Free user interactions for viewing 3D meshes
  • Viewing the description of FACS code
  • Raw action data exporting web service
The data set used for this browser is compressed for preview purposes and is not supplied along with the software. The compressed preview data set can be requested by emailing Darren Cosker.

Officially Supported Platforms: Ubuntu Linux 14.04 (and its derivatives) and Microsoft Windows 7 (or above).


Available by emailing Darren Cosker.


Available from Here.



LUbuntu Linux 14.04

Microsoft Windows 7